7 reasons why, if you are running a small business, Office365 could be the key

Finding the right tech solutions for your small business can be trying, especially when you feel like you’re working every hour of the day. Pay for what you use Your mind may have jumped to Microsoft first – it’s one of the best-known names on the market. We explore why Office 365 should be the go-to for your company. Office 365 has three ... Read More »

5th Oct 2019
What can Office 365 do for small- to medium-sized businesses?

With over 120 million corporate users, Microsoft Office 365 is one of the top productivity suites out there today. Compared to Office 2016 though, Office 365 operates on a monthly subscription plan. Small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) benefit from this payment model since it lets them leverage Office without having to pay the traditionally ... Read More »

10th Feb 2019
Microsoft is making OneDrive, SharePoint Online its default save locations for Office 365 apps

Starting this month (February 2019), Microsoft is changing the way that Windows and Mac users of Office 365 applications will save Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. OneDrive and SharePoint Online are going to become the default location for saving these kinds of files. Microsoft announced officially plans for this change on January 25. This new ... Read More »

3rd Feb 2019
Advanced Threat Protection in Office 365

  End-to-end tour of Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) in Office 365 and Microsoft 365. Learn how ATP helps catch threats before they disrupt your organization, keeping your data, intellectual property and users safe from email phishing attacks and zero-day malware. As part of email protection, ATP can help identify: - Where the email is coming ... Read More »

3rd Feb 2019
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